Fernie + Mountain + Culture = Your Idea, Your Photo

What is Fernie Mountain Culture?
As stated by Kootenay Mountain Culture
“Mountain culture is a growing global subculture found in mountainous regions around the world that are famous for geographical grandeur and active, eclectic lifestyles.  Like cultures of any stripe, mountain culture is defined by its history, sport, politics, art and entertainment as well as its icons, entrepreneurial spirit, industrial endeavours and spirituality.”
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Contest Overview
Prize Categories
An Open Call to Professional and Amateur Photographers with
1.  Enter up to 3 of your photographs with titles and descriptions through the heading tabs our facebook page .  Contest launches January 18, 2017.
2.  Public may then  vote for their favourite photos using the “Like” and "Share"  facebook function.  Entries and votes will be received up to two weeks before the festival.  The facebook voting portion will end on noon February 12th,  2017.
3.  The top 5 from each category with the most votes will be contacted and invited to participate in our FMFF exhibition.   Additional "wild card" images may be selected by our jury of industry professionals to complete the exhibit.
4.  Finalists must provide a quality framed enlargement by February  17th, 2016 to be displayed  for the duration of the film festival and to be eligible for the grand prize.
5.  Fernie Film Festival Attendees will vote on their favourite Fernie "Mountain Culture" photograph during the festival.  Cash prizes will be awarded for the "People's Choice" in each category.  Additional awards may be available for honorable mentions.
6.  Awards will be presented on the Saturday night of the film fest, February 25th, 2017.
$500 Professional (Experienced)  - You make a living or part living from selling your photos.  For example, wedding photography,  you have a website, you sell online or retail and/or work in the mountain industry as a photographer.    You have  held a solo exhibition of your photographs.
$250 Amateur   - You love taking photos but do it as a hobby, you are self-taught with little or no formal photography training.
Photographers may only submit to  one category.
Please choose the appropriate category suited to your skill level.
Number of votes on  the FMFF Facebook Page selects top 10 images (5 pros, 5 amateurs)

Our panel of industry professionals may select additional “wild card” photos to add to the show, to make it more interesting or  to chose a unique photo that didn’t receive enough votes.
Final voting to be by FMFF attendees, they shall receive two different coloured tickets to vote for each category to be placed in a box beside each photo.

Film Festival Attendee Votes  for the "People's Choice" awards will be tallied after intermission on last night of the festival.

For more details or information, please inquire to Sean Mc Ternan, Photo Contest Organizer, .
Photo Submissions
Choose which category suites your photography skills; Professional or Amateur.  Submit up to 3 photos  using the app located on the heading tabs on our facebook page .   Your submissions will be queued for approval by the contest organizer before it is posted to the fb contest.
Your photo must be high enough quality in order for it to be enlarged if selected for the film festival exhibit.
For your photo to be considered for the contest, it must be original, unique, well composed, in focus (unless otherwise intended for artistic effect), have good lighting, not offensive and tell a story relating to the theme Fernie "Mountain Culture”

Photographers may "share" their images to promote the contest.